Career & Technical Education

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The mission of North Carolina Career and Technical Education is to empower all students to be successful citizens, workers, and leaders in a global economy.  Asheboro High School is a comprehensive high school with a smaller learning community located at the North Carolina Zoo.  South Asheboro Middle School and North Asheboro Middle School provide students the opportunity to explore the many facets of Career and Technical Education. Asheboro City Schools is committed to a rigorous Career and Technical Education program aligned with curriculum reform and revision efforts throughout our state.  Students are encouraged to explore courses that will provide successful opportunities for the future.

The Local Plan
Local Education Agencies (LEA ) use the Local Planning System (LPS) for strategic planning, managing performance, and being accountable for Career and Technical Education at local, state, and federal levels. Local plans outline strategies for continuous improvement based on results of performance indicators.  These results are reported for each Asheboro City Schools overall, by No Child Left Behind subgroups and academic disadvantaged, by program areas and career clusters.  Administrators in each LEA must develop strategies to address improvement of performance by each reported category. The LPS may be viewed by all stakeholders by logging in as guest for both username and for password. 

For more information regarding CTE, please contact:
Dr. Julie Pack, Director of Secondary Education and CTE

The Asheboro City School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or disability.