Elementary Grades

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Asheboro City Schools supports a balanced approach to literacy instruction throughout the elementary grades.  In kindergarten through fifth grade, balanced literacy means teachers plan purposeful instruction around primary components, reading, writing, listening, speaking and word study/vocabulary.  Small group strategy instruction is one component of the balanced approach to literacy.  It allows teachers to instruct students on texts they can read and then move them forward in the manner and time best suited for each child.  Another important component is exposing students to grade level appropriate text.  Project-based learning is encouraged as teachers work collaboratively to integrate literacy with science, social studies and math.  

  • North Carolina Reading Association

  • Read to Achieve Legislation: Information for Parents   English      Spanish

  • 2016-17 Read to Achieve Grade 3 End-of-Year Results

  • 2016-17 Read to Achieve Grades 1 & 2 End-of-Year Results  

    Elementary mathematics in Asheboro City Schools is standards-based.  Whereas traditional mathematics education focuses on memorization, rote learning and the application of facts and procedures, the standards-based approach emphasizes the development of conceptual understanding and reasoning.  This shift will move the focus from direct instruction, drill and practice toward more active student engagement with mathematical ideas through collaborative investigations, hands-on explorations, the use of multiple representations and discussion and writing.  All elementary students will be using Math Trailblazers, a program by Kendall-Hunt Publications, as a primary resource.  Math Trailblazers:

  • Supports students to make sense of mathematics and learn that they can be mathematical thinkers
  • Focuses on computational fluency with whole numbers as a major goal of the elementary grades
  • Provides substantive work in important areas of mathematics - numbers, geometry, measurement, data and early algebra - and connections among them
  • Emphasizes reasoning about mathematical ideas
  • Engages the range of learners in understanding mathematics
Our district firmly believes that this direction will prepare our students for the 21st Century so our students will be able to be competitive with other students in our state, country and competing nations.  We want each of our students to understand the mathematics that they are doing, not just be able to spit out facts or complete procedures that they mimic without understanding.  Standards-based programs are an important part of the educational equation for promoting a deeper and richer kind of mathematical learning for students.  We are proud to incorporate this type of program into our educational opportunity for the students of Asheboro City Schools!