Board Goals

Printable PDF of 2014-2015 Board Goals

Strategic Goal:

By 2016, 90 percent or more of Asheboro City Schools students will graduate with the skills needed as 21st century learners, workers and citizens.

Strategic Objectives:

1. Engage each student
  • Teach the standards through the lens of the 4 C's (with particular focus on communication and collaboration).
  • Implement Problem-Based Learning units using the district-wide PBL protocol and appropriate performance rubrics at each school.
  • Identify and nurture problem-based partnerships with the community and beyond for planning and evaluating real world solutions.
  • Implement global awareness recommendations.
  • Continue Positive Behavior Instructional Support program at each school.
  • Continue to address discipline disproportionality.
  • Implement district-wide program to prevent bullying.
  • Implement updated lockdown and crisis plan procedures.
  • Implement approved technology plan.
  • Provide professional development and support for teachers on the SAMR model for integrating technology and other identified needs based on staff surveys.
  • Implement support for new Chromebook devices at AHS.  Redistribute AHS laptops as needed throughout the district.
2. Assess for Learning
  • Determine how to systematically capture and share student data at the classroom, school and district levels as it is collected to inform instruction and intervention.
  • Develop an online platform for sharing common assessments linked to curriculum standards and units.
3. Improve Achievement
  • Share newly developed district literacy plan with teachers and staff and provide professional development aligned with the plan.
  • Pilot consistent phonics instructional approach in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classrooms at each school site.
  • Implement writing strategies from 2014 UNCC summer partnership initiative.
  • Continue Reading Foundations training for all K-2 teachers to increase reading content knowledge and enhance instructional skills as funding is available.
  • Convene Asheboro Cit Schools Transition Team and implement district-wide transition plan.
  • Implement Career Cruising as the structure for academic planning, career and academic inventories, lessons and online access for students, teachers and parents.
  • Determine areas of need for middle school enrichment not addressed in current offerings and research what activities would interest various groups of students.
  • Develop process for expanding Credit by Demonstrated Mastery to other allowable course offerings.
4. Create Opportunities
  • Develop online video curriculum resources for parents.
  • Implement communication strategy to increase community awareness and involvement in our schools.
5. Capacity Building
  • Continue district support for teacher-led professional development initiatives.
  • Continue Teacher Leadership Academy for Cohort #5.
  • Evaluate and monitor beginning teacher support program.